Have You Struggled To Lose Weight, Feel Confident, And See Actual Long Term Results?
We have all been there, I can totally relate! But who has the time, energy or money with todays Busy Schedules?
You Do! Because its not long hours in the Gym and crazy diets that get results...  It's small consistent little steps that lead to massive change!
it seems like every day there's another workout program or diet out there that is promising crazy results. I often find myself asking how they can possibly do it. 
Maybe you have tried one or several  of these programs in the past and they left you feeling even more discouraged with nothing to show for it.  
Ive Been there, And i want to change your life like i did mine.

Ive Been there, And i want to change your life like i did mine.

When I was younger, I was what a lot of parents would call a wild child.

I partied hard.

I had what I considered to be fun...but the problem is my “fun” could have cost me my life.

It was health and fitness that saved me…

...that and my husband and sweet baby girl and soon to be son!

Nowadays, I take all that energy that I used to put into partying and being the life of whatever group I was in... and I funnel it into exercise, healthy living, and helping others to live their best lives!
Here are just a few of the Happy Clients i've Been able to help!
We were able to change all of these lives for so many people that are just like you; Busy Mom's and Dad's with hectic life schedules and no access to personal trainers, nutritionist or fancy gyms?

Simple, with the One & Done Challenge

A 14 day challenge that utilizes the concept of Keep it simple

You do not need a cazy restrictive diet plan over an over the top workout that requires hours in the gym.

My team and  I have developed a 14 day challenge that produces amazing results and Comes with an Incredible prize!!!!

Introducing The One & Done 14 day challenge!!
The Challenge Begins in...
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Ok Now What You Really Want To Know!
What Can YOU WIN?!!!
🌴 Palm Trees  
🚤 Jet Skis 
Thats right the winner will get to experience "A Day in the Life of SVELTE!" We're going to fly you out to beautiful Palm Beach, FL so you can spend the Day with me and the team.

You Will Get
  • Flight & Hotel
  • ​Free LIFETIME membership to my other SVELTE programs
  • Morning brunch with the whole SVELTE team
  • Personal coaching and Q&A sessions with me to help you reach your health and fitness goals
  • ​A SVELTE office tour, see where all the magic happens
  • ​You get to meet Sage and my family
  • ​Jet Skiing and boat rides
  • ​A Private Beach Workout
  • ​Sunset Yoga
  • ​Dinner with my family and team
  • ​Plus SVELTE SWAG!!!
How Can I WIN?!!!
Unlike all the other challenges out there the winner doesn't necessarily have to be the one that loses the most weight.

The purpose of this challenge is to Change Lives... That is what makes our challenge different than everyone else's!

Now this isn't to say that the before and afters aren't important either.

The winner will be whoever has the largest impact on their life with SVELTE after the 14 days...

When we choose, we will look through everyones submissions: Before & After photos and stories 
Dear friend,

Are you sick of not being at your ideal weight or health? Specifically someone who’s actually trying to get healthy and really WORKING to better yourself?

Then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.
The reason why is because I’m going to show you the most dependable weight loss discovery I’ve ever made and I’m going to show you how to apply it to your life.
And NO this is not some fad diet or marketing ploy to get you to take some pill… If there’s anything I’ve learned that’s had a bigger impact than everything else combined, it’s this ONE THING: Keep it simple.

By the way - the reason I say “most dependable discovery "I’ve ever made” is because…
What Makes Our program different?
Most challenges out there cost an arm and a leg in order to fund their prize. 

I however not me....
If you truly want to change your life for the better I don't see why you should have to pay a ton of money to do so! 

You have already built up the courage and commitment to make a change so it doesnt seem right to me that these challenge out there are designed to just take your money and take advantage of you. Thats why my challenge only cost $37.00

Thats right you can join the challenge and win an amazing dream day with me for just $37.

Now If your already a OAD/SLS Member, cost is free!
When it comes to fitness it doesn't have to be hard....
and typically this is why so many challenges don't work!

As I said before the one thing that had the biggest impact for me was to KEEP IT SIMPLE
And this is why my workouts only last about 10 Minutes!

You heard me right, you can get healthy and build that beautiful dream body with only TEN Minutes of exercise 
The Challenge Begins in...
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
What I want You to Do Next
If you are ready to see the change you want to get started on fun challenge that provides results  then all you have to do is click the button below.

The button will open a pop up where you can review our terms and conditions of the challenge. From there it will take you to a simple order form where you can enter your information. 

If you're already a member of OAD/SLS all you simply need to do is reach out to customer support at cassie@sveltemedia.com

After you sign up the process is very simple. The challenge will start on September 15th! 

You will be sent login access to your membership portal where you will have access to all of your challenge materials.
The Challenge Begins in...
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What's Included In the Program?
here are a few More Changed Lives
The Challenge Begins in...
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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